The Estonian Archives in the U.S., Inc. (EAUS) was established in 1969 with the aim to preserve the history of Estonians in exile.
The membership consists of Estonian organizations in the U.S. The organizations have representatives on the EAU Council that elects the governing board.
The archives are run by volunteers i.e. members of the local Estonian community.The operating costs of the archives are covered by membership fees and voluntary donations only.



Open on Mondays 10am -2pm

607 East 7th Street
PO Box 726
Lakewood, NJ 08701

telephone 732 363 6523

Director: Enda-Mai Michelson-Holland eholland at monmouth dot edu
Archivist: Ave Blithe

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EAUS 50 presentation

The home page was completed as a joint project of EAUS and Baltic Heritage Network and sponsored sponsored by the Compatriot Program (Estonian Ministry of Education and Research). Thanks!